About Us

Founding President of Shrinidhi Fortune Wheel Foundation, Smt. Kalpana Tiwari is one of the most renowned women astrologers in the world. According to Smt. Tiwari, ‘‘ ancient wisdom of astrology must have its application in alleviation of modern maladies. This mystique science should be used to empower the constructive forces, the leaders of diverse fields as they have huge task to decide fate of the NextGen”. Fulfilling aspirations of the leaders and decision makers, she has launched a unique project ‘Astro-Predictions of Political Aspirants’.

Since her childhood, She had a great passion to understand basic laws of astrology. Initially, She learnt Astrology under an able guidance of her father late Shri Rameshwar Prasad Vashistha who himself was an eminent astrologer. In the year 1998, She started pursuing her Jyotish Praveen course from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, Delhi. She further completed her Jyotish Visharad from ICAS and joined as a faculty member there itself. She later joined as the editor of ‘The Research Journal of Astrology” and “Future Samachar” published by the All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies (AIFAS) and also taught astrology as a senior faculty member in AIFAS at the same time.

She is an M.Phil in public administration from Rajasthan University and pursued her Ph.D from the University of Poona with specialization in organizational behavior. She worked as a lecture in Degree College for several years but her keen interest in spiritualism and astrology drove her interest into astrology. She has a very good knowledge of Puranas and Upnishads and well versed in mantra shastra.

Her weekly and monthly predictions also published in the online edition of the Nav Bharat Times- a leading national daily . In addition to this, She has been contributing predictions and writing articles for the newspaper – “Job for Women”, a specialized publication devoted to women empowerment . A number of research articles on astrology and related fields have also been published in various magazines and newspapers.

She believes that astrology is a holistic system which deals with the entire self of a human being including his mind, body, soul and emotions. The Horoscope of an individual is his psychological blueprint and it perfectly diagrams the interconnection between his mind, body, soul and emotions. A competent astrologer can guide an individual by analyzing his horoscope and help him to develop a new perspective on the complexities of life by finding a deeper meaning and proper direction in his life.

Her areas of specialization are career, finance, wealth and property and health astrology. Besides this she also has good knowledge of prashana chart or horary and election astrology or muhurata. She is well versed in remedial astrology and mantra shastra and suggests effective astrological remedies like gemstones, mantras and various types of pujas which helps her clientele up to a great extent to pass through the rough times and to enhance their highs in life.