Our Mission

To carry out all type of activities for social welfare and community at large, which are included in the bylaws in the trust including creating awareness regarding eco friendly lifestyle through teaching, coaching, skill development programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, astrology, vastushastra, yoga, palmistry, numerology, tarot, moral, personal and social services rendered by others to meet the need of the people and other all services including in clause 45.

Our Vision

Our motto is spiritual man and digital society. The main objective of Shrinidhi Fortune Wheel Foundation is to advance and propagate Vedic lineage and culture. Our prime aim is to channelize Vedic culture and knowledge of Vedic astrology through people specially through women for the overall development of the family and consequently the society on the whole. This is our modest attempt to spread awareness about the utility of astrology and to keep people away from getting trapped and also to restore their faith in astrology and Vedic culture. Our ultimate aim is to achieve complete eradication of all the sorrows, physical illness and to attain mental peace and bliss by imparting knowledge of astrology which is the part of Vedic culture given by our sages. This can prove to be highly advantageous for the society. This can help to overcome various issues like work stress, depression, suicidal tendencies amongst the youngsters.